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TruHealth Medical specializes in Functional & Regenerative Medicine providing our clients comprehensive detailed consultations exams that collect valuable information about personal medical and family history, nutritional habits, physical activities, environmental as well as emotional wellbeing to access a “Whole Body” approach to care rather than the traditional treat a “Symptom” approach with drugs/surgeries as a sole solution.

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Dr. Pohlman MD, FACS spent 30 years as a Level 1 Trauma Surgeon for Methodist Hospital, as well as a track surgeon for the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. Throughout his career he has seen the worst of the worst and has given many patients hope for better things to come like Indy Car driver James Hinchcliffe story. (See Story)

Dr. Pohlman serves as Chief Medical Director for New Med Spa and TruHealth Medical. He transitioned his career into Functional & Regenerative Medicine through discovering better alternatives for patient care. One key motivator was his passion for research which led him to specialize in regenerative stem cell therapy. Dr. Pohlman leads a team of specialists who deliver effective ways to care for patients they treat.

Dr. Hyde MD, PH.D. Specializes in integrative functional medicine.  Prior to this Dr. Hyde was rooted in traditional medicine for three decades practicing as a Board Certified Otolaryngologist.  He has fellowship training with American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine.   Dr. Hyde has worked alongside world renowned Dr. Jerry Tennant at the Tennant Institute in Texas where patients came from all around the country and world to be treated. His vision for changing healthcare is driven by the principle that you access “The Whole Body” not just the symptoms. Dr. Hyde is notably published in Neuroscience and has received many grants and awards.  Dr. Hyde & Dr. Marr are co-authors on multiple publications and speak around the world.

Dr. Marr ND, CNHP is a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ANMCB), a Certified Natural Health Professional, and a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.  Her practice includes an extensive consultation collecting valuable insights into each patient’s medical history, family history, physical activity, nutritional habits, emotional and environment wellbeing. Dr. Marr integrates naturopathic therapies with specialists in traditional, functional and regenerative medicine to create an individualized care plan for each patient. Dr. Marr incorporates nutrition, healing modalities, rebalancing, meridian identification, as well as sonic alignment therapy in caring for her clients. Dr. Marr & Dr. Hyde are co-authors on multiple publications and speak around the world.

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